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Mar 2022

North American lumber prices increased 14% since the start of war in Ukraine

North American lumber prices are have continued to rise mainly since Russia has invaded Ukraine. Since Vladimir Putin oredered troops to enter Ukraine, price have increased by 14%... [Ще ... ]

Feb 2022

U.S. lumber prices in 2020 and 2021 set record highs even when adjusted for inflation

Most analyses of U.S. lumber price trends and levels fail to account for inflation because the price data for softwood lumber used in framing applications is generally quoted using the Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price or lumber futures prices–neither of which is inflation-adjusted... [Ще ... ]

Jan 2022

U.S. lumber prices rise once again

Following a few months of moderating prices last spring and summer, U.S. lumber prices are soaring once again... [Ще ... ]

N. American lumber prices jump to seven-month high

North American lumber prices have risen to a seven-month high as the lingering effects of flooding in Western Canada disrupt supplies and shipments. [Ще ... ]

Nov 2021

Lumber prices head higher in US

Lumber prices are on the rise again as supply tightens, residential construction projects pick up, and the U.S. prepares to double a tariff on Canadian softwood... [Ще ... ]

Oct 2021

U.S. lumber prices on the rise again

Lumber futures have hit $628 per thousand board feet (mbf), the Wall Street Journal has reported. Prices are now up nearly 40% since late August and are almost as high as their pre-pandemic levels... [Ще ... ]

Aug 2021

N. American lumber prices surge again as wildfires hit production

US lumber futures rose the most in more than a year on concerns that wildfires in western Canada will reduce supply and spur more curtailments at sawmills... [Ще ... ]

North American building material prices climb, but softwood lumber falls

Building material prices have increased 19.4% over the past 12 months and 13% year to date, according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.... [Ще ... ]

Louisiana-Pacific sales more than double as OSB prices soars

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation reported a 142% increase in net sales for Q2, 2021 to US$1.3bn... [Ще ... ]

Jul 2021

OSB prices in US have increased sharply since the beginning of the year

The price of OSB has increased 510% since January 2020, exceeding the peak price increase in lumber by nearly 180 percentage points in the USA, as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported... [Ще ... ]

Jun 2021

US lumber prices come crashing down

For the past 16 days US future prices for lumber have been declining and deliveries further in the future are heading in only 1 direction, downwards. July deliveries are now at 1010 USD coming down from a record 1.711 USD in May... [Ще ... ]

May 2021

North American softwood lumber prices reach stratospheric heights

The construction industry in North America is reeling from solid wood construction framing building material prices that continue to soar. It is a frustrating situation for sawmills as supply remains well below extremely hot, indeed unabated, demand... [Ще ... ]

Feb 2021

U.S. lumber prices up 180% since last spring

U.S. lumber prices have skyrocketed more than 180% since last spring, and this price spike has caused the price of an average new single-family home to increase by $24,386 since April 17, 2020... [Ще ... ]

Jan 2021

Almost all softwood lumber prices flat in N. America

As mid-January 2021 came upon us, it seemed like supply and demand for softwood lumber and panel products reached an equilibrium. Almost all prices were flat, except the 2x8 sizes which dropped somewhat... [Ще ... ]

Dec 2020

Lumber prices in North America recover as demand improves

It’s unbelievable for this time of year and if someone had predicted it a month ago they would have been met with derisive laughter, but lumber prices were actually up last week as demand increased. This is absolutely unprecedented for the week before U.S. Thanksgiving and sawmills simply do not have enough wood in their yards to sell to ravenous customers.. [Ще ... ]

Continued strong demand sends North American lumber prices higher

U.S. housing starts were mostly flat in 2019. At this time last year, softwood lumber sales improved markedly and prices started to rise from quite low levels. As the beginning of 2020 came on, the data on U.S. home building was much improved over the previous year, sending demand for construction framing dimension softwood lumber higher... [Ще ... ]

U.S. lumber prices are on the rise again

After drifting lower from mid-September to mid-November, U.S. lumber prices are on the rise again. Prices peaked at an all-time high of roughly $950 per thousand board feet in September before gradually moving down to around $550 per thousand board feet last month... [Ще ... ]

Nov 2020

Softwood lumber prices in North America stabilize

After some big drops last month, the price of most North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities fell further last week, but by smaller amounts. The supply-demand balance seems to be correcting, due to ongoing strong customers appetite even as the usual autumn slow-down for building activity is upon us... [Ще ... ]

US hardwood sawnwood prices stable but sawn softwood prices continue up

Softwood sawnwood prices in the U.S. rose by 27.4% in September, leading the overall price index of materials and components for construction up 2.1% from August... [Ще ... ]

Oct 2020

Rising sawnwood prices in US of concern

With demand for housing surging US homebuilders are positively ebullient. Builder confidence in the market for single-family homes in September increased 5 points to 83 on the monthly NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index... [Ще ... ]

N. American softwood lumber prices remain flat

There was more confusion in the North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber market last week as prices of most home building solid wood commodity items stayed flat, except Eastern S-P-F which did correct down somewhat... [Ще ... ]

Lumber companies in the US reached record profits due to high lumber prices and declining sawlog costs

Record high lumber prices in the US, stable income for residual chips, and slightly lower costs for sawlogs moved 2Q/20 gross margins for US sawmills to some of the highest levels ... [Ще ... ]

North American softwood lumber prices flat or slightly down at the beginning of October

For U.S. home building activity and thus softwood lumber demand, “Labour Day is the beginning of the end and U.S. Thanksgiving is the end of the end”. Canadian Thanksgiving is somewhere in the middle of these important dates, so provides a good indication of what is happening with lumber prices as U.S. housing slows down into the winter season... [Ще ... ]

Softwood lumber prices correct down in North America

The Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend brought a not-surprising further drop in prices of most benchmark construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities, as the days got increasingly shorter and the weather turned ever more winter-like. Demand across North America was almost entirely for small fill-in orders, while sawmills were preoccupied with locating shipments long-ago sent to customers but still not arrived... [Ще ... ]

North American lumber prices continue to drop

Recently, producer and wholesaler dimension softwood lumber prices across North America dropped, as expected for this time of year. However, US housing starts data for September 2020 is incredibly strong, so the expectation is that — given ongoing very high demand — asking prices will not approach the low levels of 2019. It is safe to say that a price floor has been reached, although where exactly that will land remains to be seen... [Ще ... ]