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Nov 2021

SCA to increase kraftliner prices

SCA increases the prices on white and brown kraftliner in Europe by Euro 50 per tonne... [Ще ... ]

Oct 2021

U.S. lumber prices on the rise again

Lumber futures have hit $628 per thousand board feet (mbf), the Wall Street Journal has reported. Prices are now up nearly 40% since late August and are almost as high as their pre-pandemic levels... [Ще ... ]

Swiss pellet prices rise more sharply in October 2021

In October 2021, pellet prices in Switzerland accelerated their upward trend from the previous month. On average, they reach a value of 355.6 CHF / t (+ 4.4%) - after an increase of 2.3% to 340.6 CHF / t in September... [Ще ... ]

Sep 2021

SCA to increase kraftliner prices by Euro 50 per tonne

SCA increases prices on brown and white kraftliner by Euro 50 per tonne in Europe. The new prices are valid from October 1, 2021... [Ще ... ]

Södra adjusts timber prices

Södra sees a continued strong demand for timber and is now raising prices for both normal timber, small timber and logs. In addition, the thinning premium on pulpwood is extended until the end of December... [Ще ... ]

Austrian pellet prices stable in August

In August, the end consumer prices for wood pellets in Austria remained stable. The average price for loose pellets of quality ENplus A1 (order quantity 6t) was 22.47 cents / kg. [Ще ... ]

Swiss pellet prices pick up in September

In September 2021, pellet prices in Switzerland accelerated their upward trend from the previous month. On average, they reach a value of 340.6 CHF / t (+ 2.3%).. [Ще ... ]

The record high lumber prices in the US shifted global lumber trade flows

US lumber prices reached unprecedented highs in the 2Q/21. For example, the costs for 2x4 framing pine lumber inthe US South averaged almost $800/m3 in May, up from $210/m3 as recent as February 2020 and nearly four times as much as the 20-year average price for southern yellow pine... [Ще ... ]

Aug 2021

N. American lumber prices surge again as wildfires hit production

US lumber futures rose the most in more than a year on concerns that wildfires in western Canada will reduce supply and spur more curtailments at sawmills... [Ще ... ]

Strong lumber prices boost Resolute second quarter results

Resolute Forest Products Inc. is reporting a very strong second quarter as net income soared on a near doubling of revenues as prices reached record highs... [Ще ... ]

Swiss pellet prices changed course in August 2021

In August 2021, pellet prices in Switzerland abandoned the downward trend of the previous months. On average, they reach a value of 333.1 CHF / t (+ 1.2%) - after a minus of 0.5% to 329 CHF / t in July. Compared to August 2020 (350.4 CHF / t), there is still a minus of 4.9%. Depending [Ще ... ]

North American building material prices climb, but softwood lumber falls

Building material prices have increased 19.4% over the past 12 months and 13% year to date, according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.... [Ще ... ]

Louisiana-Pacific sales more than double as OSB prices soars

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation reported a 142% increase in net sales for Q2, 2021 to US$1.3bn... [Ще ... ]

Conifex temporarily stops production at sawmill due to high lumber prices

Conifex Timber Inc said it will temporarily slow production at its sawmill in Mackenzie, British Columbia... [Ще ... ]

Jul 2021

Switzerland: Rising prices for roundwood

Since the beginning of June, Swiss forest companies have had attractive log prices for deliveries to Austria and Germany. There the prices have risen sharply due to the lack of wood... [Ще ... ]

Austria: Rise in roundwood prices expected due to strong demand

Felix Montecuccoli, President of Land & Forst Betriebe Österreich expects a strong dynamic for the round wood market due to the strongly increasing demand for sawn and wood products and considers a fixed meter price of... [Ще ... ]

Germany: High timber prices and a lack of materials lead to short-time working and order cancellations

Building owners continue to struggle with rising prices for key materials. Materials such as wood, steel or insulation materials rose rapidly in May... [Ще ... ]

Swiss pellet prices decrease minimally stronger in July 2021

The pellet prices in Switzerland increased in July 2021 their downward trend from the previous month slightly. On average the reached 329 CHF/t (-0,5%) – after a minus of 0,2% to 330,6 CHF/t in June. Compared to Juli 2020 (344 CHF/t) there still occurs a minus of 4,4%. Depending [Ще ... ]

Chinese import prices – a snapshot in July

In July several Fordaq members allowed us to take a glance at the current price levels and spans of popular wood assortments that find their way to China via importers. As volatile as all of these trends are, they should, of course, only give a hint and are not to be taken compulsory [Ще ... ]

OSB prices in US have increased sharply since the beginning of the year

The price of OSB has increased 510% since January 2020, exceeding the peak price increase in lumber by nearly 180 percentage points in the USA, as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported... [Ще ... ]

Jun 2021

Germany: Stable low pellet prices in June

Wood pellets in Germany are still cheap in June. Across Germany, a ton costs an average of .. [Ще ... ]

DACH region: quadrupled prices and contracts for 24 hours

Within the DACH region softwood lumber prices in June are still on the rise due to the high demand in China and USA but also within Europe for construction. Many countries are promoting wooden buildings for climate reasons. Sawmills are at limit, struggeling to get logs and can not expand [Ще ... ]

India: Prices for Pine from New Zealand as high as from Europe

In June India is confronted with softwood prices that are now even higher than in December 2020 – where they have been 25-30% above the norm. Now allmost 350 €/m3 for pine have gotten standard and prices from New Zealand are as high as from Europe. Plywood prices are [Ще ... ]

Switzerland: Parliamentary initiative calls for guide prices for raw wood

On June 17th, Daniel Fässler, President of WaldSchweiz, submitted a parliamentary initiative entitled “Price recommendations for wood from Swiss forests”. ... [Ще ... ]

SCA increases kraftliner prices in Europe

SCA increases prices on brown and white kraftliner by Euro 50 per tonne in Europe. The new prices are valid from August, 1, 2021... [Ще ... ]

Finland: Roundwood prices on the rise in May

Trade of roundwood in non-industrial Finnish private forests was very active in May. The prices of all timber assortments kept growing and the standing sale prices exceeded the record prices of 2018... [Ще ... ]