Finland: Wood pellet production drops sharply in 2020

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In 2020, a total of 322,000 tonnes of wood pellets were produced in Finland, down by 11% from the previous year. More wood pellets were imported than ever before, totalling 112,000 tonnes, being 11% higher than in the previous year. Nearly 90% of wood pellets were imported from Russia, while the remaining share was mainly imported from the Baltic countries, the Finnish Natural Forest Institute (Luke) reported. 

Instead, exports of wood pellets decreased by three quarters from 2019 to 7,000 tonnes, being the lowest volume so far in the statistical history. Almost all of exports were directed at Sweden. The highest export volume was recorded in 2008 when 227,000 tonnes of wood pellets were exported, i.e. 30 times the current volume. The apparent consumption of wood pellets (production + exports - imports) in Finland decreased by 2% from the previous year to 427,000 tonnes.

Deliveries by pellet manufacturers based on domestic pellet production – 300,000 tonnes – decreased by 10%. The amount of wood pellets delivered to power and heating plants and large buildings decreased by 11% from the previous year, totalling 250,000 tonnes. The amount of wood pellets delivered to small-scale housing and farms decreased by 3% to 49,000 tonnes.

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