Germany: Stable pellet prices in September

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The price for wood pellets in Germany remains stable in September, as reported by the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV). One ton (t) of the pellets costs an average of EUR 223.37 (purchase of 6 t), 0.2 percent less than in August. The trend is inconsistent depending on regions: unlike in southern Germany, the price has risen in the north / east and in the center of the country.

The following regional differences arise in the price of wood pellets in September 2020 (purchase quantity 6 t): In southern Germany, pellets are the cheapest at EUR 221.29 / t and have fallen in price compared to August. In central and northern / eastern Germany the price rose to EUR 223.88 / t and EUR 226.31 / t, respectively.

Larger quantities (26 t) were traded in September 2020 at the following prices: South: 208.94 EUR / t, center: 209.01 EUR / t, north / east: 213.60 EUR / t (all including VAT) .

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