Myanmar: teak prices at latest auctions

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Analysts say the convenient location fot the sale of logs on the 29 September (Yangon area) played a big part in the better prices that were received. Observers report that only part of the stock of logs which could not be shipped before the log export ban were sold at the recent sale. A substantial volume of logs still remain and as these have not been paid for then ownership reverts to the Myanmar Timber Enterprise.

Analysts say the remaining logs are of poor quality as buyers shipped the better grade logs before the log export ban. The monsoon has ended in Myanmar but log harvesting cannot begin for several months when forest roads become passable once again. Until fresh logs come from the forest millers will have to rely on the poor quality unshipped logs.

The next open tenders are expected to be on 24 and 27 October.

Prices for sawing grade teak logs ex-Yangon (US$/hoppus ton)

Grade Hoppus tons Avg price/H. ton
SG-2 8 4111
SG-4 53 3190
SG-5 47 3077
SG-6 18 2222
SG-7 77 1687
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