Raw material price spiral shapes sales development in the German wood industry

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At the beginning of the year, the strong inflationary tendencies on the raw materials markets left their mark on the balance sheets of the German wood industry and related branches of the economy. This increase in price was also responsible for the sometimes significant growth in sales in many sectors. 

According to the Federal Statistical Office, sales in the German timber industry increased by more than 35% in the first quarter of 2022. By far the strongest increases were recorded in wooden packaging (+57.7%) and in the sawmill industry (+55.7%). T

he fact that one can speak of below-average growth in view of an increase of around 22% in the construction-related sector and 27% in wood-based materials shows the extent of the current dynamic. 

Influencing factors in the construction-related area of ​​the wood industry included limited material availability, increased material and financing costs, the expired KfW funding and the recent decline in the number of building permits. 

The mood in key sectors of the wood, plastics and furniture industry continued to be gloomy.

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