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Germany: Douglas fir log price index mostly declining

The German producer price indices for Douglas fir almost consistently recorded setbacks in July 2021. On average, the index fell by 1.3% compared to June to a level of 67.2 points. B quality increased by 0.3% to 78.5 points. 3 m lengths recorded a decrease of 0.6% to 78.6 points... [більше ...]


Germany: Pine log price index for higher qualities rising sharply

In July 2021, the German producer price indices for pine increasingly followed the upward trend that some product ranges had already predicted in the previous month. On average, the wood species increased more strongly than in June - namely by 6.9% to a level of 82.5 points. B grades ... [більше ...]


Germany: Spruce log price index in steep upward trend

In July, the German producer price indices for spruce resumed their upward trend, which had persisted since March and weakened in June. On average, the index rose by 8.1% compared to the previous month to a level of 84.6 points. B-qualities recorded an increase of 8.3% to... [більше ...]

France, the largest supplier of oak imports to China

China Customs data shows France has been the largest supplier of oak imports since 2014. Previously Russia was the main supplier but Russia implemented a log export ban....... [більше ...]

China to extend US hardwood tariff exemptions

According to the American Hardwood Export Council and the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), Chinese tariff exemptions that were set to expire on September 17 have been extended until April 16, 2022.... [більше ...]

The global forest industry in Q3/2021

Softwood sawlog prices have gone up in worldwide in the past year. By far, the most significant increases have occurred throughout Europe and British Columbia...... [більше ...]

US wooden furniture imports remain steady

US imports of wooden furniture rose by less than 1% in July as 2021 continues along record levels. With imports of more than US$2.2 billion in July..... [більше ...]


Germany: Beech log price index almost unchanged

The German producer price indices for beech logs fell by an average of 0.2% to 100.2 points in July 2021. B quality increased by 0.1% compared to May to a level of 104.6 points. The index for 3 m lengths rose by 4.9% to 104.9 points, while 5 m lengths decreased by 0.1% to... [більше ...]


Germany: Oak log price index mostly declining

The German producer price indices for oak logs decreased almost uniformly in July 2021 compared to the previous month. On average, the index value fell by 0.6% to 114.4 points. A quality gained 4% to 94.4 points. B quality recorded a decrease of 1.7% to 114.2 points, with 3 m lengths... [більше ...]

Improving world economy lifts Brazilian timber exports

Driven by the economic recovery in the world's largest economies exports from Paraná State totalled US$1.8 billion in July, 11% more compared than in July 2020...... [більше ...]

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Demand for wood to surge in India by 2030

According to a recent report by International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), there will be a substantial increase in wood consumption in India by 2030, exacerbating an existing shortfall between wood production and demand and increasing the country’s reliance on wood imports.... [ більше ...]

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Vietnam: Suspension of production at local wood processing enterprises impacts exports

In the first seven months of this year Vietnam's wood and wood product (W&WP) exports earned US$9.6 billion, up 55% year-on-year. However, the suspension of production at local wood processing enterprises due to the COVID-19 pandemic is having effects on exports, according to the Vietnam Timber and Forest Product Association (VIFOREST). ..... [ більше ...]

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Sharp rise in China log imports in H1/2021

According to China Customs, log imports in the first half of 2021 totalled 31.26 million cubic metres valued at US$5.265 billion (CIF), up 29% in volume and 48% in value...... [ більше ...]

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