Finland: Log prices shifting slightly downwards in October, but higher yoy

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Roundwood prices in Finland are mostly unchanged in October 2021 as compared to the previous month. The price for sawlog assortments has dropped but in the 1% range. Only small-sized spruce logs' price has dropped by almost 3%. 

Pine logs could be bought for EUR 61.18/m3, while spruce and birch prices amounted to EUR 65.13/m3 and EUR 44.13/m3, respectively. As compared to October 2020, all sawlog prices are considerably higher in October 2021. Pine sawlogs are 11% more expensive over October 2020, while spruce price is 9.4% higher over a year ago. 

As for pulpwood assortments, the price was EUR 20.0 per cubic metre for spruce pulpwood, EUR 18.0 for pine pulpwood and 17.2 for birch pulpwood. The average price of pine pulpwood increased one percent, as spruce and birch went down one percent compared to the previous month. The average price level of pulpwood was nine percent lower than in last year.

Trade of roundwood in Finland slowed down somewhat in October. The trade diminished one percent from the year before and was 20 percent smaller than the average for the previous three years.

The amount of pulpwood purchased in January–October rose by 40 percent year-on-year and was 20 percent higher than the average for the previous three years. Compared to the previous three years, the trade in logs increased by 38 percent and the trade in pulpwood by six percent.

Average stumpage prices of sales from Finnish non-industrial private forests (EUR/m³, over bark, excl. VAT) 2020/10 2021/09 2021/10 Change in % October 2020/October 2021 Change in % September 2021/October 2021
Pine logs 55.15 61.56 61.18 +10.93% -0.61%
Spruce logs 59.51 65.42 65.13 +9.44% -0.44%
Birch logs 43.36 44.60 44.13 +1.96% -1.05%
Pine pulpwood 17.20 17.92 18.04 +4.88% +0.66%
Spruce pulpwood 19.72 20.17 20.04 +1.62% -0.64%
Birch pulpwood 16.60 17.47 17.24 +3.71% -1.31%
Small-sized logs, pine 25.36 26.03 26.26 +3.54% +0.88%
Small-sized logs, spruce 27.68 28.36 27.56 -0.43% -2.82%
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