Повна Потокова Лінія - Інше Darchee Нове Китай

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Тип категорії Повна Потокова Лінія
Категорією Wood pellet making
Штифт Darchee


Стан позиції Нове
Дата виробництва 2016
Об'єм 2000
Опис DC678 Bio-energy Pellet Mill

This series of Biofuel Pellet Mills are used for pelletizing such as wood chips, sawdust, rice husks, wheat straw, cotton straw, bagasse, marigold and grass.

1.Frequency conversion motor regulates the feeding rate. Feed screw is variable helical structure, to controll the feeding speed precisely.
2.Conditioner body with large opening-door structure is easy for checking and maintenance;
3.The conditioner is set with spraying nozzles, they will add proper water to make the raw materials to achieve the best effect.
4.Setting a discharging handle or a pneumatic discharging on the outboard, makes it easy for the operation of automatic control.
5.Fit with a ring dies lifting device, which is easy to disassemble ring dies and reduce labor intensity.
6.Larger mills adopt the magnetic filtering to remove more impurities.
7.The cooling and the oil cutting alarm are in one oil cooling lubrication system, forcibly lubricating the main bearing.
8.Different materials are in different ring dies running speeds, which will improve the effect of pellets.

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