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Тип категорії Повна Потокова Лінія
Категорією Пилорама
Штифт Sänger & Massierer / Holtec


Стан позиції Б / У
Дата виробництва 1976
Об'єм 1
Опис Prescription:
Grading line with cross cut station for log lenght up to 12,0 m
Technical prescription

The grading line exists of a log deck with 5 chain lanes with a lenght of 8,0 mand has two seperate drives, each of them 4,0 kW.
The singulator has 5 chains, the block train 2 chains with carrierand a lenght of arround 16,0 m. The drivemotor has 5,5 kW and a variable speed from 10 – 60 m/min.

The cross cut station has a chain saw with a power of 11 kW with hydraulic clamping system.

The taper roller conveyor ejects to the sorting conveyor and has a lenght of 12,0 m

The sorting conveyor is 68,0 m long, 5,5 kW, and the speed is 50 m/min

Wast conveyor for sawdust and soild wood approx. 4,0 m lenght and 1,3 m width.

The line has an analog controller, which is still working but should be removed.

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