Дискова Пила SCM SI 400 NOVA Б / У Польща

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Тип категорії Solid wood and panel sawing machines
Категорією Дискова Пила
Штифт SCM
Модель SI 400 NOVA


Стан позиції Б / У
Дата виробництва 2017
Об'єм 1
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Device type: format saw
Brand: SCM
Model: SI 400 NOVA
Production year: 2017
Power supply parameters: 400v, 50Hz, 3P
Weight of the device: 635 kg
Main engine power: 7 kW
The power of the scoring engine: 1.3 kW
Cutting size: 3200x3200 mm
Cutting width: 1270 mm
Max. Saw blade diameter: 400 mm
Maximum diameter of the scoring wheel: 120 mm
Cutting height at 90 ° / 45 °: 140/97 mm
The speed of the main blade: 3700 rpm.
The speed of the scoring machine: 8,500 rpm.
Diameter of the main extraction nozzle: 120 mm
Diameter of the extraction nozzle over the saw: 80 mm

Si 400 Nova format saw with a tilting saw with a maximum diameter of 400mm
machine designed for cutting (formatting) wood and wood-based panels.
The precision of the feed of the saw for this format saw is guaranteed thanks to the factory
closing the bearings. Sawing equipment
Anodized aluminum carriage moving on hardened guides
steel mechanically fixed in the body
manually lifting and tilting the saw, through the knobs at the front of the machine and
mechanical reading for the angle of inclination
frame equipped with a movable, aluminum ruler
auxiliary table at the exit
parallel ruler positioned manually with a reading on the metric scale, on
steel guide with a diameter of 40 mm
direct starting of the main engine
cutter unit on an independent motor with external regulation and limiters
for quick setting in a given position
emergency switch on the front of the machine
emergency switches on the parallel level side
overload protection
suspended saw guard with a stub pipe with a diameter of 80 mm
automatic brake on the main engine
closed main switch
110 Volt low voltage circuit
declaration of conformity with CE standards

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Вартість 11550 EUR
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