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Тип категорії Edgebanders
Категорією Edgebanders
Модель T-ERL


Стан позиції Б / У
Дата виробництва 2014
Об'єм 1
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Manufacturer: SCM GROUP S.p.A.
Model: T-ERL OLIMPIC K 800
Production year: 2014
Technical parameters
Own weight: 2375 kg
- length 5675 mm
- width 1720 mm
- height 1700 mm
Veneer thickness: 8-60 mm
The main components:
- body
- control panel
- pneumatic system
- electrical cabinet
- openable silencing cabin
- suction dust extraction
- suction gas lift
- caterpillar
- upper clamp
- side support for plates
Processing units:
-Anti-adhesive AAR, ACR
-the RT-E sander
- VC-800 bonding unit
-cutter of excess K-SEL edge
- RSK cutting machine
-aggregate for beveling corners
- round aggregate ROUND SK
- K-100 milling machine
- RAS K Scraping Aggregate
- glue carrier
SPN brushes
The SCM Olimpic K800 edgebander is designed for sticking with PVC tape or natural wood veneer edging of flat plates, in a high performance continuous float. The tape fed from the roll is glued in the glue aggregate to the previously prepared rim by the pre-milling aggregate, in the final stage the cutting and processing of the corners of the stuck material takes place.

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Вартість 25 900 EUR
Продає в: У всьому світі


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