Тришаровий Клеєний Брус

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Тип Тришаровий Клеєний Брус
Група порід деревини Північно Американська деревина твердих порід
Порода American deciduous tree


Об'єм 10 - 40 m3 щомісячно
Товщина брусів 72 мм
Ширина брусів 75; 87; 96 мм
Довжина брусів 1-4 м
Опис Lamellar DKD Sassfrass prod. Italy Offered in the following sections: 72x75 / 72x87 / 72x96 € 1550 / m3 Excluding price. Performance. The sassafras can be machined satisfactorily. Pre-boring is also required to ensure good sealing of screws and nails. It glues extremely well and can be treated with mordants and polished for a good finish. It requires attention in drying because it has a tendency to crack. It has a moderate withdrawal and is subject to slight dimensional variations. The wood is resistant to the decomposition of the heartwood and offers resistance to preservation treatment. - Translated with google

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Вартість 1400 EUR в m3
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