Акація, Терасні Дошки (1 Сторона)

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Тип деревини Деревина масив
Тип твердого дерева Європейська деревина твердих порід
Порода/Матеріал Акація
Країна походження В'єтнам
Тип Терасні Дошки (1 сторона)


Об'єм 20 - 200 m3 Одноразово
Ширина 300 мм
Довжина 300 мм
Товщина 19; 21 мм
Опис Our decking tiles are made of virgin plastic base and Acacia wood which is one of the most popular wood species in Viet Nam. They are considered as one of most durable tiles coated by WaxOil, this helps create colour better and prevent these flooring tiles from tough weather and insects.
These decking tiles can be installed by yourself with almost no experience and without tools, the unique plastic interlocking base makes installation extremely easy and save your time.
With our QC team, our quality is control better.

Material: Deck plastic, base wood
Wood type: Acacia
Finish: Oiled (100% Eco-Friendly)
Colour: Brown/Teak/Natural
Humidity: 8-12%
Origin: Viet Nam
Certificate: FSC or non-FSC
MOQ: 01 x 20DC Cont (11000-12000 pcs)
Please feel free to contact us for more information

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