Сосна Звичайна Гранули DINplus Польща

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основний тип Пелети - Брикети - Деревне Вугілля
Тип Гранули
Країна походження Польща


Об'єм 24 Тонна Одноразово
Група порід деревини Європейська хвойна деревина
Порода Сосна звичайна
Сертифікація DINplus
Опис Finding good pellets today has become tiring. With Power FLame you feel comfortable because we guarantee stability. You have certified quality and fast delivery times (3-4 days). Pellet burns well, does not dirty the stove and has an excellent calorific value. With this we already guarantee you that you will not have any complaints from the customer or that the stove locks up or that it must continue to clean it. We give you product with its natural wood color, there are no chemicals, bleaches or other additives. The customer does not smell any solvents when burning pellets and does not find crusts in the boiler. YOU as a customer will not complain and your customers will be satisfied with the product. Do not stay without the pellets and you will know that the day arrives when the load arrives. I would be informed in real time of the procedure of your order. So you can plan your sales with all tranquility. Trust is built with time but the transparency of the relationship and the basis for starting it. If you have a good supplier, sleep well. Stop worrying, wasting your time searching all the time and start earning more immediately by taking care of your business. By having a trusted supplier you no longer lose the customer because the load is late. Contact us either by phone or by writing an email and we give you all the information you need. - Translated with google

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