Ялина - Біла

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Тип твердого дерева Європейська хвойна деревина
Порода Ялина (Picea abies) - Біла


Об'єм 50 - 500 m3 Одноразово
Висота 145-270 мм
Ширина 120-240 мм
Довжина 13500 мм
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  • Опис Our company is engaged in the production of glued timber house sets. Material used for the production of spruce, raw material passes through 4 stages of sorting. Successfully pass the test bar when determining the resistance of adhesive joints to delamination confirmed in specialized testing laboratories. Our advantages: • parts can be made up to 13.5 meters long, • parts up to 13.5 m have a maximum of 2-3 joints, providing visual aesthetics and uniformity of the walls, • thanks to the splice line, it is possible to eliminate defects that appear after drying and sawing wood (black knots, fallen knots, cracks, shoots, etc.), • the ability to produce to make non-standard sections 200 * 230, 200 * 270, 240 * 230 • In the assortment of section: 120/160/200 * 190 13.5 We provide antiseptic services. For sale is not glued laminated timber. - Translated with google

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