Ялина - Біла, Сосна Звичайна, Ялиця Растопка Німеччина

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основний тип Розколені Дрова - Не Розколені
Тип Растопка


Об'єм 1 - 500 піддон щомісячно
Група порід деревини Європейська хвойна деревина
Порода Ялина (Picea abies) - Біла, Сосна звичайна, Ялиця
Опис Kindling matches - made of untreated spruce, fir, pine or birch wood net of 96 pieces each!

• Our kindling from pure natural spruce, fir, pine or birch wood is the ideal product for the fire in the smoker, normal grill, Swedish stove, open fireplace, pizza oven, fire pits and, and, and.

We exclusively process wood from sustainably managed forests in our region / Bavarian Oberland.
If you only use them occasionally and therefore do not have the need for a larger amount of kindling, this packaging size is ideal. With us you can already buy / buy from a quantity of 1 pallet. This is also ideal for companies that only occasionally sell kindling and can not immediately obtain a complete truck load.
A maximum of 60 pallets per truck can be loaded. So a total of 5760 networks.

- Kindling wood diameter up to 30 mm, length up to 190 mm.
- Pallet includes 96 nets, (Pallet loading can be chosen freely)
- Pure spruce, pine, fir or birch
- 100% environmentally friendly natural product from renewable raw material.
- Chamber Dried and thus under 20% residual moisture.
- Suitable for all fireplaces and solid fuel stoves.
- Packaging clean in 10 dm3 = about 3.5kg net bag packaged.

Just write us your needs and we will make you an offer. You can pick up the pallets from us at the warehouse or have them picked up, we are happy to offer you transport as well. Please write us the desired quantity of pallets as well as your company / contact details.

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