Обрізні Пиломатеріали, Тікове Дерево

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Тип Обрізні Пиломатеріали
Група порід деревини Листяна деревина з Південної Америки
Порода Тікове дерево
Країна походження Колумбія


Об'єм 1 - 4 20'Контейнери щомісячно
Товщина 22 мм
Ширина 2-5 дюймів
Довжина 3-7 футів
Система класифікації COLOMBIA
Якість A-B-C
Сушіння Атмосферного сушіння (AD)
Опис Colombian teak is a premium natural material because it offers the finest protection and incredible good looks. The natural tendency for Colombian teak is to patina beautifully into a honey-gold look, which develops over time in natural conditions including Sunlight and ambient moisture. The integrity of Colombia Teak wood allows it to weather gracefully, but also maintain its integrity so as not to degrade like other, lesser grades of plantation teak found in the market.

• Colour: Natural colored dark brown hardwood grains mixed with black colored bands and bright sapwood inherent to Tectona grandis L.
• Heartwood/Sapwood Ratio: Typical low sapwood content according to favorable growing conditions of northern Colombian Coast that is marked by a strong dry season.
• Cracks at the Ends: Basically free of cracks, surface crace with a maximum depth of 5 cm allowed.
• Cracks along the face: Basically free of cracks.

Packaging conditions:
• All lumber is pelletized and can be moved with forklifts
• All packages are tightened with plastic straps and comes with fixed squared forklift timbers
• Every package is labeled
• Depending on dimension of sawn wood strips are used to stabalize the package
• Where needed timber is sealed on crosscuts to avoid endcracks
• Depending on dimension and moisture content lumber is stacked with seperators

Grading conditions:
• Timber origin 100% from Colombia
• Controlled Wood: All timber comes from officially registered forest plantations certified by ICA (Colombian Institute for Agriculture)"

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Інкотерми FOB - франко борт судна Країна Колумбія Регіон CARTAGENA
Крайній термін поставки На складі
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