Cтовпи, Сосна Промениста

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Виріб Cтовпи
Група порід деревини Хвойна деревина з Австралії і Нової Зеландії
Порода Сосна промениста (radiata)


Об'єм 1 20'Контейнери Одноразово
Діаметр 250-350 мм
Довжина 9-12 м
Якість K and KI Grade
Опис We can offer Pine Poles containerized in lengths from 9 to 12m with a range of SEDs.

If there was a requirement for longer poles we would have to explore the option of breakbulk shipping.

These can be either H4 Treated for Power Poles or H6 Marine Treated for Piles.

If anyone is interested and can supply length/SED/quantity, we will be able to provide pricing, but once again we cannot offer blanket pricing due to numbers and destinations.

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