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Опис Pellet, which is in the Biomass fuel group of the Renewable Energy sector, plays an important role all over the world. Today, pellets, which play an active role, are obtained from many products. When we look at it from a broad perspective, we can see from forest waste, wood chips, dust sawdust, chips, chips, coarse sawdust, cattle manure, ovine manure, broiler manure, worm manure, poultry manure, mine waste, textile waste, herbal waste, household waste. Pellets are obtained from all products such as sewage sludge, agricultural wastes (straw, alfalfa, corn stalk, poppy straw, barley, wheat, oats, grape garbage, etc.) and are used extensively as electrical energy, fuel sector and soil fertilizer. .

After the products to be pelleted (pellet) are powdered, dried and brought to a humidity of 8% to 20%, production can be made in different diameters (4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm) according to the needs of the customer. The materials such as rolls and discs of the product to be pelleted (pellet) are made in different sizes depending on the structure of the raw material and the moisture content of the raw material, and it is carried out by compression process by operating under an intense pressure. Products that are pelleted (pellet) according to the customer's needs are cut to the desired length with the help of the movable blade at the outlet of the Pellet Press (Pellet Press, Pellet Machine) disc and the product is made ready.

it offers pelleting systems to all parts of the world according to customer needs and makes special project pelleting machines up to 3 tons / hour capacity according to the structure of the raw material. In these machines we have made, it has succeeded to be the leading company in the sector by making project-based manufacturing according to the needs of the customer, with 55 kW, 75 kW, 90 kW power, depending on the capacity and raw material.

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