Сосна Звичайна, Терасні Дошки (2 Сторони)

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Тип деревини Деревина масив
Тип твердого дерева Європейська хвойна деревина
Порода/Матеріал Сосна звичайна
Тип Терасні Дошки (2 сторони)


Кількість 100 m2 (sqm) Одноразово
Ширина 30 мм
Довжина 5 мм
Товщина 2.5 мм
Опис Required volume: 30 m3

Price includes shipping.
Good evening, I already have an approved project to build a 100 sqm construction in laminated beams and plywood in Italy.
Please, I would like to know if it is possible to provide building materials and at what stage of finishing (cut or not).
If you tell me to proceed further, I will provide the relevant construction plans.
Many thanks and best regards.

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