Деревина Масив, Ясень, Зовнішня Облицовка

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Тип Зовнішня Облицовка
Серцевина Деревина масив
Тип твердого дерева Північно Американська деревина твердих порід
Порода Ясень
Походження деревини Чеська республіка
Регіон Prague


Об'єм 1 - 10000 m2 (sqm) щомісячно
Товщина 20 мм
Ширина 117 мм
Довжина 0.8-3 м
Якість A
Опис Ash Cladding

Ash is a hardwood with a high number of grains and features an aesthetic look with its wavy texture. These features make Thermowood Ash Cladding a multi-purpose, aesthetic, and durable material. If you seek an elegant look to highlight your cladding, durable and reliable Thermowood Ash Cladding is the right choice. Thermo wood Ash claddings are FSC certified products.


Thermowood Ash has become an indispensable cladding option due to its proven and certified biological durability after the Thermowood process that reaches a minimum 25+ year life span in harsh weather conditions. Its excellent dimensional stability, beautiful grain structure, attractive brown colour, and technical features add value to the spaces and ensure optimum results. Feel free to use Thermowood Ash cladding for any kind of commercial and private cladding purposes. Thermowood Ash deckings are free of chemicals.

With its innovative solutions, Thermo Ashwood is committed to creating products befitting the elegance of the Deckings and Claddings of your building.

Thermo Ash End-Matching is the ideal solution for different sized decking and cladding materials, which offers the benefit of the easy application while serving as a locking mechanism that secures the ends of the material and giving it a nice look Thermo Ash End-Matching is among Thermo Ashwood a smart solution that offers easy application, fewer cut-offs and a good end result.

Ціна і умови

Вартість 48.62 EUR в m3
Інкотерми EXW - франко-завод (з підприємства) Країна Чеська республіка Регіон Prague
Крайній термін поставки Доступне під замовлення за менш ніж 30 днів
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