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Тип твердого дерева Європейська деревина твердих порід
Порода Bog Oak
Тип Bespoke floor


Об'єм 1 - 500 m2 (sqm) Одноразово
Товщина 15 мм
Ширина 100 мм
Довжина 100 мм
Якість Bespoke
Сертифікація Age Certicate
Опис The royal antique look. Always made to a clients special needs.
Created from the material fished out from the water by our company.

About Bog Oak:
Centuries ago, as a result of a rise in the sea levels and change of weather conditions, great floods and changes of river directions occurred. Fallen trees fell to river beds and were covered by river mud. They lay there for hundreds or thousands of years, not only under water, but even deeper, under the river bed. With no access to oxygen and light, through fossilization process, they slowly developed unique resistance and aesthetic values.

Wood from the water has dense rings, it is free of resins and saturated with minerals which increase its hardness and durability. Little processing is required to obtain a “diamond”. Experts of the matter call it the rarest, unique, one of the most valuable wood types. No, it is not for everyone. It is for those who look for a material far from the average. For those who can perceive and bring out its artistic value.

Retail: 420 €/m2 (min. order size 100sqm)

Wholesale: 210 €/m2 (min. order size 500sqm)

Wholesale (container): negotiable

Oil wax colourless + 
after floor installation recommended application of another oil layer

Classic, Herringbone, Chevron 
transparent colorless shrink foil, palette, stretch foil, cardboard band (optional).
collective packaging, palette, stretch foil.

Samples policy:
Due to the high value of the Bog Oak material samples have to be paid for.

Ціна і умови

Вартість Під замовлення EUR в m2 (sqm)
Продає в: У всьому світі


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