VFLOOR, Вінілові (декоративні) Покриття Для Підлоги

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Тип Вінілові (декоративні) покриття для підлоги
Серцевина stone powder and virgin plastic
Оброблений матеріал SPC flooring


Об'єм 3000 - 10000 m2 (sqm) Одноразово
Розміри 1220x150mmx 4/6mm
SPC Vfloor flooring is considered as the new generation of floor covering. It has 5 layers : UV Coating, Wear layer, Decorative printing layer, SPC core and underlayment layer.
The main content of SPC core is natural stone powder, virgin polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer which are mixed up with a certain formula that provides us a very stable composite material
SPC Flooring (Stone & Plastic Composite Flooring).

- Physical Properties : Rigid Stone-PVC-Composite vinyl plank
- Surface: Deep embossed texture
- Wear-layer : 0.3 wear-layer for commercial and residential
- Available Size: 1220mm*150mm*4mm/6mm
- Profile : Valinger 2G click locking system

Product Advantages
1. Waterproof
As the main component of SPC is limestone powder, it performs well with water and mildew does not happen even with high humidity

2. Fire proof
SPC VFLOOR flooring has passed CE standard fire - resistant test, the fire rating is BFT - S1.According to the authorities, 95% of the victims were burned in the fire because of the toxic fumes and gases.SPC flooring is flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, leaves the flame automatic out in 5 seconds, and does not produce toxic and harmful gases.

3. Formaldehyde free
VFLOOR SPC is of high quality lime stone powder & PVC resin, without harmful material such as benzene, formaldehyde, haavy metals. The final products passed the test form more than 179 different types of hazardous materials, chemicals etc,..

4. Demensional stability
SPC flooring is extremely dimensional stable because of natural contents. Exposed to 80 heat, 6 hours - Shrinkage ≤ 0.1%; Curling ≤ 0.2mm.

5. Super durable abrasion
SPC flooring has a transparent wear-resistant layer, whose resolution is even higher than 10000 turns if tested as laminate flooring. And testing result of EN*****+A1:2003 is Group T, excellent wear-resistance.

6. Superfine anti-slip class
Safety is one of our major concerns when making flooring.Accordingly, with specially developed structures with an anti-slip class rating, our SPC flooring performs very well to prevent skidding in the damp area.

7. Easy to install with low requirement of subfloor
The advantages of SPC VFLOOR flooring are easy to install, fast construction, low construction cost, easy to hide imperfections of subfloors thanks to the superior advantage of the rigid core and locking system.

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