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Група порід деревини Європейська хвойна деревина
Порода Ялина сибірська


Об'єм 45 - 1200 m3 Одноразово
Товщина 25; 44; 47; 50 мм
Ширина 100; 125; 150; 200 мм
Довжина 3000-6000 мм
Система класифікації Євро. норми: норми міцності - система класифікації пиломатеріалів (EN338-EN1310)
Якість C16
Сушіння Транспортна вологість (KD 18-20%)
Joint Stock Company Woodworking Plant "Berezka", we carry out a full cycle of industrial production of lumber, hard deciduous and coniferous species. Our products:
- Planed and non-planed board made of birch and pine needles;
- furniture board made of birch and pine needles;
- furniture blanks with and without chamfer;
- spliced lamella made of birch and pine needles
- dry firewood in nets and boxes R2 made of birch
- birch charcoal.
Forest fund 450000 Hectares, own sawing on two lines (brusoval + multi-saw) disk sawmill KARA Master 2000. High production culture (constant staff with 6 years of experience in production), quality assurance and stability of supplies all year round, packaging method and storage system ensure the complete safety of the goods.
We are looking for a reliable end customer (not an intermediary) with a consistently large volume, the same, constant nomenclature and a high price. I really hope that we have found each other and will be able to build a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation!
Sincerely, Korol Leonid

Dear colleagues, if you are interested, or for some reason not, and I am not at the right address, please give feedback…
Thank you in advance, Thank you!

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Вартість 400 EUR в m3
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