Сосна Звичайна, Ялина - Біла, Садовий Забор

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Тип твердого дерева Європейська хвойна деревина
Порода Сосна звичайна, Ялина (Picea abies) - Біла
Тип Садовий Забор


Об'єм 40 - 300 m3 щомісячно
Good afternoon! Our company PRONIKGROUP is engaged in the production and supply of various lumber. We make sawing up of the wood, further we dry material in drying chambers, further we can make planning of any profiles. We can also produce small buildings, various elements (for example, for fencing). In production, we mainly use coniferous wood (pine). Our production site is located in Belarus. We are also ready to arrange delivery on conditions convenient for you. We are interested in organizing the production of the components you need. If you are interested in our cooperation proposal, please contact us: pronikgrouppl@gmail.com, WhatsApp/viber +375291935545, #pronikgroup - Translated with google

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