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Штифт no
Група порід деревини Хвойні породи з Азії
Порода Ялина


Об'єм 1 - 5 40'Контейнери щомісячно
Товщина брусів 12 мм
Довжина брусів 2500 мм
Concept: cross-laminated timber, also known as cross-laminated timber or cross-laminated timber, referred to as "laminated timber"
CLT is a new wood building material, which is made of kiln-dried Chinese fir (spruce) finger-jointed wood, sorted and cut into wood square, and glued into solid wood plate with high strength materials. The area and thickness can be customized according to requirements; Its characteristic is will cross
Grain and vertical grain staggered arrangement of specifications of wood gluing molding, strength can replace concrete materials, the relevant test shows that: to the material combination
The resulting wooden buildings have good seismic performance.

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Вартість Під замовлення EUR в m3
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