Ручний Інструмент Для Приклеювання Стелліта LIGNUMA Б / У Польща

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Тип категорії Заточення і Технічне Обслуговування
Категорією Ручний Інструмент для Приклеювання Стелліта


Стан позиції Б / У
Дата виробництва 2005
Об'єм 1 - 1
- machine in stock
- after the technical review
- very good condition
- production Poland - LIGNUMA

This sharpener is used for sharpening the teeth of band saws. If the sharpener is equipped with a 22 mm wide modular grinding wheel with CBN coating, strictly follow the recommendations for sharpening saws assigned to a specific blade profile.

The ordering party, prior to the acceptance, specifies which saws he will use and receives the appropriate grinding wheel for his machine and
the cam. Sharpening other saws will damage the grinding wheel.

Way of usage:

The band saw intended for sharpening is placed on the circumferential guide and in the support that guides the saw. In the sharpening area, the band saw is mounted in the holder. The grinding wheel is mounted directly on the shaft of the electric motor. The stroke of the grinding wheel is adjusted by means of an adjusting nut. The cam drives the feed movements of the sharpened saw. The cam is driven by an electric motor whose speed is regulated from the control panel. The cam also controls the mechanism of the stepped movement (by the size of the tooth pitch) of the sharpened saw. The stroke of the sharpened band saw is regulated with an adjustment screw. During sharpening, the band saw is cooled with cutting fluid, which is fed to the processing zone by a pump, and then flows into the tank.

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