The company was founded by Mr. Tomasz Czarnowski in 2013. It specializes in manufacturing from Bog Oak. From wood that has spent from 600 to 6000 years on the bottom of a river or lake. 90% of our products are exported abroad. You can find them in Greek hotels on the island of Myconos, in New York, LA, Sydney, Seoul or Bergamo. We work with architects, designers and end customers. We had exhibitions at Maison & Objet in Paris in 2019 and at Milano in 2017. You can buy our furniture in London, at 583 Kings Road.


******, T. Riverwood Bog Oak
Пан Wojciech Pakier
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Polski , Англійська (США)

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Код ЄДРПОУ: 1230489726
Кількість працівників: 6-10
Дата створення: 2013
Дата вступу: 31/08/2013